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Parent Connect

What is ParentConnect? It is a new online service, formerly known as K12 Planet, that is available now for parents to gain access to their students' grades online The link is below. The application packet is now available to download. Click the link below to print off the complete 4 page (3 forms, 1 memo) application. Please fill out the three forms and return to Covington High School's front office. For legal purposes, driver's license is required as photo ID in order to establish your account.

The application may be downloaded by clicking the below link:

ParentCONNECTXP Application

Please note: Please make note of all new password changes that you make to your ParentConnectXP account. After the account administrator sets the password that was written on the application, and the parent/legal guardian changes the password and forgets the password later, he or she will need to e-mail Mr. Rusty Richardson the parent/legal guardian full name written on the application, your child or children's name enrolled at CHS, and the mailing address in the child's contact record in order for Mr. Richardson to retrieve your password. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to retrieve forgotten passwords as there is currently not a password retrieval database.

Please note that you will see a security certificate when you click the ParentConnectXP logo below. In Internet Explorer 6, it is a pop up certificate, and in IE 7 or above, it is a web page certificate. Make sure you click Yes or Continue On to Webpage (IE 7) to get to the login screen. Please know that the web page is on a secured server.

parent connect

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access the printable versions. It is a free download from the site by clicking the logo below.